Modern corporate interiors are evolving with progressive designs, functionality and technology to create an efficient, comfort and scalable workspace. At OfficeBox, we cater to the demands of discerning corporates with globally acclaimed office interior products which provide awesome working experience which are sustainable and  ergonomic. Backed by strong after sales support which gives you complete peace of mind.

Home Automation

Experienced Interior Resource assisting clients with facility Re-Configuration, Densification or Relocation.

We work closely together, from Initial Design stage to understand the unique challenges and possibilities different offices present & develop a Customised plan that works for your situation –– not a cookie-cutter solution.

Inbuilt processes that can adapt quickly so that together we can deliver a successful result on time and within budget.

Rental Projects can be implemented with minimal capital expenditure

Efficient post installation service and periodic Audits.

Flexibility to Upscale in short lead times.

OfficeBox provides interiors as quickly as 7 days* Executing Designs provided by Clients/ Architects & Designers.



  • Office Furniture
  • Storage Units
  • Conference Room Solutions
  • Outdoor Furniture
  • Indoor Plants
Home Theatre/ Multi Room AV

We integrate entire home theatre system which consists of your TV/Projection system, AVRs, speakers, media servers, ac and lighting setup. The entire system can be controlled by a tablet or phone.

Convert living room into theatre set up at a touch of button when shades, AC, lights work in a jiffy simultaneously to give a unparalleled movie viewing in your living room.

Our home automation delivers multi room audio streaming from Internet or media server switching impeccably while moving through rooms.

  • Complete integration – Home theatre/Living room entertainment space can be controlled by a tablet or phone.
  • Multi room audio can be set up playing different set of music in different rooms from a central media server based on individual preferences.
  • We work with leading AV specialists to supply equipment or integrate existing audio systems.
Security/ Surveillance

We Integrate top of line security systems and CCTV systems to ensure the safety of entire family and property while at home or away travelling. Movements alerts and remote viewing using phone or tablet.

  • Cctv cameras and HDR
  • Gas leak sensors
  • Video door phones
Curtain and Blinds

The automatic lowering of blinds operation of curtains based on sunlight or time can be achieved using home automation. Control can be central or local with a touch of button.

  • Motorised Blind systems
  • Curtains